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Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Three Techniques for Using Micro-Credentials to Engage Learners
Think of a time when you completed a college course, a webinar, or a..
Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Exploring the Learning Reality of Extended Reality

Every so often, a new type of technology presents the opportunity to..

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Exploring the iLED Unique Value Proposition
We called this experiment the Institute for Learning Environment Design..
Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
The Crowded Learning Environment: Micro Thoughts

I have yet to meet anyone who says life is becoming less complex. We..

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Using LEM™ with ADDIE

One of the most common instructional design models in use today is the..

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Free Course: Growing a Learning Culture

We're excited to launch a new free email course titled "Growing a Learning..

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
If You Want to Engage Your Customers, First Help Them Learn
Every business wants highly engaged customers. Customers who are more..
Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Course Innovation Powered by Learning Environment Modeling

John and I spent the last two days with an incredible group of faculty and..

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