After a great inaugural event at Oklahoma City Community College last week, we’re continuing our ILED Workshop tour around the state this week with a stop in Weatherford at SWOSU.

Marci Grant and the folks at SWOSU are terrific hosts and have pulled together a fantastic group of people  for hands-on learning about Learning Environment Modeling (LEM).

SWOSU Workshop -- Getting Started

As always, we begin the workshop with an exercise designed to contextualize the idea of environment modeling for our participants participants. We do this by having everyone design the process for planning a vacation.

SWOSU Workshop -- Picking a Project2SWOSU Workshop -- Vacation Planning Example

Now that everyone has met each other and is warmed up with LEM, we’re ready to think about the group projects participants can work with throughout the day.

SWOSU Workshop -- Brainstorming a Project

With a solid foundation laid, we’re now ready to learn more about the Learning Environment Modeling Language (LEML) and the LEM framework. Bucky always does a great job explaining our tools and their application. These are also available in our participant workbooks.

SWOSU Workshop -- LEM Explanation SWOSU Workshop -- LEML

And now we’re ready to get back to work! Next up is a practice session using our Design Challenge cards. Each group selects a card and to designs a learning environment for the challenge on the card. Here’s an example of one of the challenges.

SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge Cards

Here are the the different SWOSU Workshop groups working on their design challenges.

SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge2SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge3SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge4SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge5

Once everyone has finished, each of the groups shares its final design and fields questions from other participants. The SOWSU challenges included designing: 1) a t-ball practice; 2) a flipped classroom curriculum; 3) a walking tour; 4) a paper-based self-study program.

SWOSU Workshop --Design Challenge 1SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge 2SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge 3SWOSU Workshop -- Design Challenge 4

After a good lunch, we’re ready to begin working on the projects we identified earlier in the day.

SWOSU Workshop -- Projects List

The first step in this process is to work through the Focus Board. This helps us identify the purpose and evidence of our projects.

SWOSU Workshop -- Focus Board

And now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start creating our project designs.

SWOSU Workshop -- Project Design 1 SWOSU Workshop -- Project Design 2 SWOSU Workshop -- Project Design 4 SWOSU Workshop -- Project Design 5

In the end, all the hard work pays off and, voilà, we have some really cool project designs!

SWOSU Workshop -- Final Project Designs 1 SWOSU Workshop -- Final Project Designs 2 SWOSU Workshop -- Final Project Designs 3 SWOSU Workshop -- Final Project Designs 4

It was a great workshop and a wonderful experience working with our workshop participants!