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ILED Workshop at Southwestern Oklahoma State University: September 30, 2016

After a great inaugural event at Oklahoma City Community College last week, we’re continuing our ILED Workshop tour around the state this week with a stop in Weatherford at SWOSU. Marci Grant and the folks at SWOSU are terrific hosts and have pulled together a fantastic group of people  for hands-on learning about Learning Environment Modeling (LEM). As always, we begin the workshop with an exercise designed to contextualize the idea of environment modeling for our participants participants. We do this by having everyone design the process for planning a vacation. Now that everyone has met each other and is...

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ILED Designcast #2: Can games really make a difference in learning?

(ILED Designcasts is a series of informal video discussions between ILED co-founders Bucky Dodd and Rob Reynolds. Each short video addresses a current topic in educational media or technology from the perspective of Learning Environment Design. Click here to see our Designcast schedule and topics.) Can Games Really Make a Difference in Learning? In this ILED Designcast episode, we tackle the topic of the games and gamification. Besides being fun, what value do games really have in learning? What’s the connection between game design and learning design? If we want to integrate game elements into learning, what adjustments should we make...

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Using Stories as Teaching Tools

Today we were joined by guest, Brett King, instructional designer at the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments, to talk about using stories as teaching tools. View Session Recording Together we created the following model for integrating stories as part of an instructional process. View Model  ...

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ILED Workshop at Oklahoma City Community College: September 23, 2016

It’s always a great day when a diverse group of professionals, focused on education, gather for a hands-on workshop. Amazing things always happen and the interactions among participants at our inaugural ILED workshop for Oklahoma faculty and staff was certainly no exception. Here are a few notes and images from today’s fun event! Designing a vacation We begin our workshops by introducing everyone to Learning Environment Modeling. We do this by having them design something that is familiar to everyone. In this instance, we used “a vacation.” We provide a sample design in the participant workbook and then have...

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